Step 1: You need to download one of the following applications on the device of your choice (TV, phone, computer, etc.):

  • Smarters IPTV Pro
  • Ibo Pro
  • Setiptv

On Apple devices, you should install either Smarters Player Lite or Flixiptv.

Step 2: After installation, you will have an interface like this, with fields to fill in.

Step 3:

Once you have found the application, you should then order a subscription plan on our website: Our Plans.

If you have a MAG device or an application with a MAC address, such as Ibo Pro or Setiptv/Flixiptv, you should order a subscription (Our Plans) and send us the codes so that we can activate it for you remotely.

Step 4: After receiving the codes, enter them and enjoy your subscription (Our Plans).

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